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Full Stack Development: from the backend to the app

This week, I have had a lot of things to do. I ended the work on mg the Pelican theme that powered this blog, and I have started to learn Erlang, so I didn't have enough time to write a technical tutorial, but I want to share some thoughts on a project on which I have worked from July of the last year, Clochera. Clochera should have been an...

System administration

Simple orchestration with Ansible

Let's suppose that you have just finished your new, shiny web app. This is the big day and you are ready to upload the backend on your remote server, when you realize that the end of your coding sessions is not the end of your work. Now, you need to set up your remote machine, configure Supervisor, nginx, the firewall and tons of other stuff. And what if something, one day, goes terribly wrong and...

Web development

Building GoPics - part 1, The Basics

When I started to build my first project in Go, what I really needed was an app to be studied that was bigger than the classics gowiki and WebSocket chat examples, but still small enough to be useful as a learning resource. It came out that I was not alone, and that other people too were searching for a similar thing. After more than a year from...

Browser automation with Nightmare.js

I want to start the first post of this blog writing about something that, for its potential, impressed me when I have seen it for the first time. I'm talking about Nightmare.js, a high level wrapper for already the well-known PhantomJS. Nightmare.js is a rather new module for the Node.js platform, its first stable release (1.0.0), according to its GitHub repository, dates back to May of...

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